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Uncovering the Leading Misconceptions about Outsourcing

The term Outsourcing has a “dirty” reputation, with an unfortunate negative connotation. Often, the word is associated with cheap labour, human exploitation, and unemployment. What makes these correlations unfortunate is that the reputation was built through misinformed, one-sided perspectives of the term. This post aims to cover the reasoning behind these misconceptions and provide further insight into the true meaning of outsourcing. Read More

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What story does outsourcing statistics tell us?

Outsourcing has become an inseparable part of the world economy. It allows businesses to grow when they face the challenges of scarcity, lack of production inputs and human capital. In order to better understand this economic phenomenon and its importance, we turn to recent data and outsourcing statistics.

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Outsourcing changes 2016

IT Outsourcing changes in 2016

The information technology industry is changing every year. Which is more than expected given that  the global estimated value of the IT Outsourcing industry for this year is more than $440 billion.  This post is a continuation from last week when we discussed recent outsourcing trends. We will now focus on key IT outsourcing changes in 2016 and what we expect to happen on the market till the end of this year.

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Eastsource - outsourcing trends

Recent outsourcing trends

Outsourcing has become very popular in the last couple of decades, especially within the IT industry. Globalization and wide availability of services are making it increasingly easy to export production. In developed economies like USA and Western Europe the prices for IT services are ever-increasing because of the difference between the demand and supply of such skills. On the other hand, the lucrative nature of careers in high-tech and software development makes it a popular choice for professionals in less developed countries. As a result both small and large companies are outsourcing development, infrastructure and IT management.

At Eastsource we pay close attention to outsourcing market developments and make sure our partners commit to best practices. This is the first in a series of posts dedicated to IT outsourcing trends.

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