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In this post we will go through the range of services offered by Eastsource.

What is Eastsource?

Eastsource is a software consultancy company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We provide consultancy services on every stage of the application lifecycle with a big focus on outsourcing and project management. Our main advantage is the understanding of both technical and business aspects of software development. Based on that we take the role of the bridge between your stakeholders business needs and developing partners. This includes mobile and web solutions in addition to digitalization and business process optimisation. Furthermore we can conduct a release plan for your solution utilising various digital marketing tools and practices.

Eastsource Application life cycle
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Outsourcing services

We build a wide network of developing partners in Eastern Europe which gives us access to a big pool of IT professionals. Outsourcing to Eastern Europe has the following advantages:

  • The quality of software development services in the region is very high. We do not base this only on our own experience. Various popular media channels have confirmed this in recent years. The high demand for such professionals comes from the outsourcing boom in the region. As a result various software academies teaching best practices have emerged. Another reason is the quality and popularity of the many technical and engineering universities.
  • The hourly rates of developers in this region are between two and three times cheaper than those in Western Europe.
  • There is a familiar European working culture and atmosphere opposite to most Asian outsourcing companies.
  • The time difference is only one or two hours. This makes it easier to work with the development team on daily basis.
  • The flights are fast and cheap. You can easily visit the team on premise and build a long-lasting relationship.
  • You do not need to spend time and money on hiring new people. The outsourcing companies take care of all the hassle.

The most common problems and risks with outsourcing come from miscommunication. Because of this we will aid you not only in finding a partner but also with the communication throughout the project. Another popular issue is the misinterpretation of software requirements. You might want something specific but the developers might understand it differently. To avoid this you will need a well written System Requirements Specification (SRS) document. We can help with the requirements gathering and clarification and even write the SRS for you.

Software development services

In our network of developing partners we have access to professionals with the following skills:

  • Web development using: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Python, .Net, Java, etc.
  • Mobile development for Android, Apple and Windows devices.
  • Intercompany systems based on: .Net, Java, Sharepoint, Python, etc.

Eastsource Software development

In addition to software development we can help you with the architecture design. A good architecture not only makes the system stable and reliable but it also allows for future scaling and maintenance. Another crucial aspect is testing and quality assurance. In order to have a bulletproof system it has to be tested extensively. This includes stress tests, compatibility and performance tests on various devices. Last but not least, what good is a system which does not have a catching and user-friendly design? User interface and experience are important for the success of your product. We have access to world-class designers and UI experts.

Project Management services

We have experience with Waterfall, Agile, Lean and Prince2. Therefore we will help you choose the best project management tools and methodologies depending on your particular project needs . In addition to that we can prepare a detailed project plan and backlog to easily organize the work of your team. We will make sure the work efficiency remains high throughout the project by using task distribution systems, like Jira. The System Requirements Specification (SRS) which we can prepare for you will make sure everyone stays on the same page. Finally, if you make use of our outsourcing services we will help you in choosing the best project form depending on your needs – Times & Materials, Dedicated Team, or Fixed Price.

Do you need more information about our services? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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