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Exponential technology for business – Event

How can we use technology for exponential growth? Can IoT and AI help in decision making? How can we automate business processes using AI? What to do and how to process large quantities of data business, governments, and organizations have? All of these questions, and more were addressed at our latest event.

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Uncovering the Leading Misconceptions about Outsourcing

The term Outsourcing has a “dirty” reputation, with an unfortunate negative connotation. Often, the word is associated with cheap labour, human exploitation, and unemployment. What makes these correlations unfortunate is that the reputation was built through misinformed, one-sided perspectives of the term. This post aims to cover the reasoning behind these misconceptions and provide further insight into the true meaning of outsourcing. Read More

GDPR and Outsourcing

Lately, we have been receiving a number of questions regarding GDPR and how it affects outsourcing relations. We made a compilation of the most frequently asked questions about the new regulation.

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Eastsource - global outsourcing statistics

What story does outsourcing statistics tell us?

Outsourcing has become an inseparable part of the world economy. It allows businesses to grow when they face the challenges of scarcity, lack of production inputs and human capital. In order to better understand this economic phenomenon and its importance, we turn to recent data and outsourcing statistics.

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