We are from the future! Are you from the future too?

Why are we from the future? Because although geographically there are still borders, in our book everyone works together!
– We say No to borders, boundaries, risk, and miscommunication
– We say Yes to flexibility, trust, transparency, efficiency, and freedom

Our Services


If you are here then most probably you need software developers! And you want top-notch quality, right? Most probably you would like a familiar EU working culture and people within your timezone? You need people to trust and the freedom to develop and change your business needs? Finally, we assume you do not want to spend too much money on that, do you?

Then you are at the right place! If you tell us about your software project needs, we will connect you to the best development team for you in Eastern Europe. And we have access to more than 2000 developers, so you can be sure it will be a perfect match! And we have done the due diligence.

Web & Mobile application development

From marketing websites to complex web shops. From mobile applications to computer games. From intercompany systems to large social networks. Cutting-edge software development is our expertise!

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous systems, chatbots, data analytics, reports… This is only a fraction of what our Machine learning experts can do for your business! Data is the most important asset on the 21st century. What can your business data do for you?

Blockchain and Decentralized applications

Do you need to automatically verify information? What about a decentralized system with no central authority behind it? There is a reason why blockchain is disrupting so many industries. Curious what it can do for yours?


Jan Pecník
Founder BikeFair
Great advice just in time, awesome communication, priceless referrals to the best developers. Time, money and lots of grey hair saved. Looking forward to our next cooperation!
Annemie Fourie
Co-Founder Handle Hands
The guys from Eastsource are extremely knowledgeable and capable and without their help and guidance we would not have been able to achieve what we did. They are friendly and willing to share knowledge and advice in a very open manner. I would not hesitate to use Eastsource's services in the future.
Vlad Masek
Data Scientist at Newest Industry
Rapid growth without an appropriate and reliable team can turn even the most agile of businesses on their head. Luckily we had help when the guys from Eastsource introduced us to outsourcing opportunities that were flexible, high quality and even at lower costs than competitive professionals within the Netherlands.


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