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Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.

–Bill Gates

Based in Amsterdam, Eastsource creates the biggest network of quality outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe and helps the growth of the software industry in the region. First of all we advocate flexibility, technological advancement and innovation. In addition we assist our clients in finding and working with reliable long-term partners and commit to best practices in software development and project management. Finally our expertise in every stage of the application lifecycle allows us to consult our clients towards the digitalization and optimization of their business processes and developing market disturbing products.

Our Services


Would you like to work with top notch Software Developers at a significantly lower hourly price than Western Europe? Would you like to have EU working culture and almost no time zone difference? Based on your project requirements, we will help you find the best company to outsource to in our wide network of Eastern European developing partners. Furthermore we will guide you through the communication to make sure both parties are satisfied.

Software Development

From marketing web sites to complex web shops. From mobile applications to computer games. From intercompany systems to large social networks. Cutting-edge software development is our expertise and we are at your service.

Design & Architecture

Architecture design is of paramount importance for every information system. This includes development, future maintenance and evolution. In addition to that we can help you with Web designs, UI and UX.

Project management

Waterfall, Prince2 or Agile? Scrum or Kanban? A combination between all of them? We will analyse your project needs, conduct and execute a detailed Project plan based on Project Management best practices.

QA & Testing

Every system has to be stable and bug free in order to successfully serve its purpose. To do that it needs to be tested extensively by professional QA engineers. We have access to world class Quality Assurance through our partners network.

Requirements Management

System requirements are a crucial part of every software project. We can help you prepare a System Requirements Specification (SRS) and Project Initiation Document (PID) to be sure everyone is on the same page.

Release Management

Hosting and system deployment are just part of the release management stage. Digital marketing is crucial for the success of your product. We can help you with release strategies, social media campaigns, SEO, SEA and SLAs.

Digital transformation and strategy

Innovation and high tech are pushing the boundaries of business models. Business process standardisation and IT assets like Data management, Platforms, Automated systems and Cloud computing are no longer a burden but instead a core foundation of modern business. Do you need help with these aspects of your Digital transformation strategy? Contact us for more information.



Vlad Masek
Data Scientist at Newest Industry
Rapid growth without an appropriate and reliable team can turn even the most agile of businesses on their head. Luckily we had help when the guys from Eastsource introduced us to outsourcing opportunities that were flexible, high quality and even at lower costs than competitive professionals within the Netherlands.

Interesting facts

percent of IT spending organizations in UK used nearshoring or offshoring in 2015

billion USD is the estimated value of the IT Outsourcing Industry in 2016


is the only non-asian country in global top 5 IT Outsourcing destinations after India, Indonesia and China

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